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Accommodating Our Student with Essential Services

Flyfofa Aviation Training exceeds all required standards and functions pertaining to flight operations and client service. As part of  our commitment, Flyfofa provides essential student services, meeting the convenience of our students learning experience.

Student Accommodation

We have come to understand that our students come from different towns, cities and nations. When the spirit of the skies is propels your drive, where you lay your head should be the last thing you worry about. This is why we provide safe and affordable accommodation for our future pilots.

Our accommodation facilities are situated within a 10km radius of Wonderboom National Airport. This means that all Flyfofa prospect students seeking housing have diverse options to choose from with the help and guidance of the Flyfofa Aviation training team.

Get in touch with our admissions office for more information on how we can accommodate you while you chase your dreams in the sky.

Student Transportation

Our greatest desire is to provide our students with an environment that allows them to grow and thrive in their careers. For this reason, we take every possible step to ensure that focus is directed at learning and achieving their goal without the worry of “how will I get from around” for school-related activities.

At Flyfofa Aviation and Training, we provide our students with transportation for all school-related activities that are within the training scope. we enable our students to focus on their knowledge and flight training. 

For more information on the availability of transport to-and-from the training campus, contact our admissions department. 

Connect with us on social media for more information and adventure.

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