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Private Pilot License (PPL)


Student Prerequisites Include;


A full medical examination, the Minimum age requirements for Solo Flight Students should be 17 years, Minimum age requirement for Private Pilot Students should be 18 years old.


-  Restricted Radio Telephony License

-  Minimum of 40 hours of total flying time

-  Including -15 hours solo flying

-  3 hours solo cross country flying

-  Flight test with Grade 1 or Grade 2 instructor


Each student will have to pass theoretical testing in order to advance in their course. At the end of the training, the student will be required to complete a flight test which includes cross-country testing. Once all the above requirements have been completed, the student will be awarded a private pilot license. Private license holders may not fly commercially though they may carry passengers if they wish.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


Student Prerequisites Include;


Minimum Requirements to acquire this license;


-  General Radio License

-  Minimum of 200 hours of total flying time

-  Including 100 hours as Pilot in Command & 20 hours cross country flying

-  10 hours of night flying

-  1x day 300nm cross country flight with at least 2 landings

-  1x night 150nm triangular cross country flight

-  Theoretical Exams by CAA (8 subjects)

-  Flight test with a Designated Examiner


A commercial Pilot’s License entitles a pilot to fly commercially 

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Private Pilot License (PPL)



This qualification allows a student to be a Pilot in Command (PIC) of an aircraft and to carry non-paying passengers. This enables him/her to make all decisions pertaining to planning and executing a flight during daylight hours and in clear weather. In order to register for a Commercial Pilot License, one has to first have a Private Pilot License (PPL).


Night Rating Training



Training that allows the pilot to fly safely at night in good visual weather. This allows less restrictions when planning a flight.

Hour Building



Hour building is one of the most enjoyable stages during your training. After completion of your PPL, you can start building your experience. The route to your CPL requires a minimum of 100 hours Pilot in Command.


Instrument Rating



Is a course that teaches the student how to fly with sole reference on Flight Instruments.

Multi Engine Rating



This is an advance type Rating that allows the student to fly aircraft with more than one engine.


Commercial Pilot License (CPL)



This is the license you require in order to fly for remuneration. Once qualified you can seek employment as a Pilot.

Flight Instructor


On completion of his/her CPL, the student can further his/her career in becoming a Flight Instructor. Once qualified it will allow you to practice as an instructor, training pilots.

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Cabin Crew Training



We are equipped to train your crew from knowledge of the aircraft to safe handling of goods and passanger care as well as dealing with emergency situations.

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