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We are FlyFofa Aviation Training


Facilitating the journey towards attaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL), through learning and training.


Get in-touch with us and find out if you have what it takes to become a High-Calibre Pilot.

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We are FlyFofa Aviation Training 


A South African based aviation company established to offer the most reliable and quality aviation services within the industry. Our company’s management is committed to ensuring that all rules and regulations governing all aspects of aviation both locally and internationally are effectively undertaken within all our company efforts.


Our aim is to meet and exceed all required standards pertaining to flight operations and client serving, in order to compete within the national and global arena of aviation.


Visit us at the Remarkable Wonderboom Airport, Housing Modernized Airport Infrastructure and facilities.

We conduct theoretical teaching and training at Wonderboom Airport, which is considered one of the best training environments, with modernized airport infrastructure.


Wonderboom Airport meets the full spectrum of aviation-related requirements, most notably its long runway and clear skies for aviation training. 


Since 2015, the airport’s movements have increased steadily and currently stands at over 8000 flight-operations per month, whilst being the cheapest Gauteng provider of Avgas Fuel at their refuelling facilities.

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Student Services 


Flyfofa Aviation Training exceeds all required standards and functions pertaining to flight operations and client service. As part of  our commitment, Flyfofa provides essential student services, meeting the convenience of our students learning experience.


These essential services include; 

Our accommodation facilities are situated within a 10km radius of Wonderboom National Airport. This means that all Flyfofa prospect students seeking housing have diverse options to choose from with the help and guidance of the Flyfofa Aviation training team.

Flyfofa Aviation Training provides its students with transportation for all school related activities that are within the training scope.

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012 566 3019

Hangar 3, Pretoria Wonderboom Airport 0138.