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Hangar 3, Pretoria Wonderboom Airport 0138. 

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Your Private Charter


Giving you safe flights and memorable service at a reasonable rate, Flyfofa has developed into a company that provides its services both domestically and internationally with distinction. Our services are tailored to suit our client’s requirements in a manner that leaves them pleasantly surprised and fully satisfied.  


Our diverse fleet allows us to cater for most of our market with reliable machinery to suit their needs for the moments. Our staff and crew are highly trained individuals whose experience and expertise comfortably exceeds all requirements as prescribed by the local authorities.


Our blemish free safety record stands as a testament to our attitude towards safety. Regular safety audits conducted by the company’s management as well as by certified independent external safety officers ensure that the company maintains the highest standards of operations.  It also ensures that the company’s operational policies and procedures are being adhered to and the aircraft in use are maintained to the highest levels.

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Aeromedical Services


Commitment to Excellence and Speedy Medical Response


We provide our clients with quality aeromedical care. This commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness is delivered by combining the talents of our highly trained medical crews and flight operators. Our aeromedical operation is supported by a 24-hour flight coordination centre staffed by air ambulance. Our flight coordinators also assist our clients in all aspects to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient aeromedical service. Our medical staff are registered with the Health Professions Councils of South Africa (HPCSA) and we offer basic, intermediate and advanced Life Support levels of medical care.




Our unique expertise enables FlyFofa to provide quality medical care and we serve the needs of each client by combining the expertise of our teams.



Our staff complement consists of highly trained healthcare providers and aviation professionals. We have the experience and history of serving within the pre-hospital and aviation environment respectively.





We pride ourselves on our attention to individuals and our ability to forge a symbolic working relationship with our clients. We provide individually tailored solutions based on a comprehensive analysis of each client’s needs.





In order to apply the systems approach to risk management, it is necessary to define what we mean by hazards. In Aeromedical services, a hazard is a condition, actual or potential that can bring about personnel injury/death and damage/loss of property. This approach involves the following rationale:


-  Every mission has some degree of risk exposure.

-  All of the risks may never be known.

-  Every mission requires balancing risks vs. preconceived parameters defined to control risk.

-  Resources available to identify and manage risks are limited.

-  The goal is to control or eliminate all unacceptable risk in each mission.

-  Our preferred method will be a hybrid of the ALERT (Aviation Evaluation Risk Test) 



Ensuring Speedy Couriers at a Reasonable Cost.


At FlyFofa we recognise that air cargo transport is a critical element of global trade. We have since established an efficient management system of air freight and we, therefore, offer our clients a solution to their cargo transportation needs. FlyFofa ensures professionalism, expertise and understanding of international air transportation protocols including compliance to aviation regulations.